Crystal Bowls? Ascension? Are there New Age Christians?

Crystal Bowls? Ascension? Are there New Age Christians?

You are going to have to read to the end of the blog to find the answer.  But first, let’s talk. Do you want to live in the presence of the Lord? Do you want an ever-increasing sense of his love? Is your heart’s desire to see God’s plans and purposes manifest through this season in history? Better yet, do you want the end of the bible to be fulfilled? You know, the part that says we win!

Many of the activities and activations we participate in at NW Ekklesia freak people out. Let’s discuss a few.

ASCENSION – We get lots of complaints like, “you are living in a fantasy.” We are told we help others live lives outside of reality. I have two comments. First, we have seen the positive effect of our work too many times to doubt it. We have seen severe weather patterns change several times. Economic conditions in various regions have changed. We ascended with a group of representatives over the nuclear issues of North Korea before President Trump met with Kim Jong Un. Now they have frozen their program and made a commitment to replace it with healthier sources of energy. There have been too many results to think it’s just playtime. Second, ascension had been happening for centuries. Read Madame Guyon or Teresa of Avila. For that matter read the bible. Paul talks about a person being caught up in the third heaven.

CRYSTAL BOWLS – Were invented in the 1980s. Handheld bowls didn’t appear till 1995. They are computer-generated and a product of modern technology. One of their main purposes was used for healing in chronic health issues like curing cancer. Many religions also like them.

NW Ekklesia has and will remain forerunners. We are not afraid to try what others shy away from. If we are wrong Father God will let us know because Jesus Christ, His love, and the simple truth of the Gospel are first a foremost of importance to us. It is our desire to advance God’s kingdom with power and authority. History reveals to us the methods that we employed in the past “ain’t gettin the job done!”

Now to answer the question in the title of this blog. Are there New Age Christians?  You betcha! There are New Age Christians. You might be one. Anytime you use seeing the spirit, the gifts of the spirits, translocation, prophecy, meditation, etc. for personal advancement, personal power, or to manipulate someone, you are acting as New Agers.

Pardon me if I have insulted you. But, focus on God’s love and His relationship with you. Stop being tripped up by an unfamiliar activity or old teachings that are incorrect.