Revelation and Wisdom from our Favorites

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We also have a list of people from which we love to listen and learn.

We give honor to Mike Parsons first and foremost. More than anyone else, he has been faithful and mentored us for several years.

Freedomarc website

Mike Parsons YouTube Channel

Let us not forget our beloved Del Hungerford. Her work in Sound and frequency is changing worship around the world.

Her website is Healing Frequencies Music

Many of us in the ekklesia are connected with Arthur Burk at Saphire Leadership Group.

SLG website

SLG YouTube

He doesn’t know us. But we know him. We recommend checking our Dan Davul.

Bride Ministries

BMI YouTube

Let us not forget Justin Abraham. He has been laying a foundation of God’s love all over the Pacific Northwest. He also really understands ekklesia. We recommend you listen to his podcast “Justice and the Courts.”

Company Of Burning Hearts

COBH Podcast