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Pardon me I haven’t visited with you and ever so long. I saw how many people had subscribed to our blog post and I felt remorseful for neglecting you. It’s been over a year since we visited. Last year was a very challenging year. My husband was critically ill. He had heart problems and was in the hospital seven times. He almost died on a few of those occasions. In fact, we thought he only had about a year to live. But you know our God. He is in the miracle business. In October, the doctors called us in for an office visit and told us that his health was much improved. His medical tests are increasingly improved with each test. I think I may have him around for another 10 or 15 years.

Now that the reason for your neglect has been discussed, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and why we have this blog. The reason I say “we” is because there will be several contributors to the blog. I am the main contributor. However, you know that this is the NW Ekklesia website. One of our beliefs is that every member is responsible for his or her own spiritual growth. We encourage those in our fellowship to share their wisdom and revelation. We’ll be posting some of those musings here from time to time.

Anna Wingate

I am almost 64. I grew up in church. I learned all the basic stuff that you may know. Jesus is my savior.  He died for my sins. I believe in confession and repentance. I have been water baptized and the baptized of the Holy Spirit. I speak in tongues. Need I continue? I have served on staff at four churches. I am an ordained minister. As I said, I have done all the basic stuff.  Except, my family will tell you that from birth I was different than them. Before the age of ten, I would have spells of quietude. I would sit quietly and sense God’s presence. My mother worried about me and asked if I was OK. I would tell her yes and that I sensed God or Angels or something. I just wanted to be quiet with them or him. I would tell her when people died. I couldn’t feel their presence here on earth anymore. I knew when women were carrying male or female babies in their wombs. I started having visions in my twenties. I got in trouble and almost got kicked out of my church over that. It was too much for them.

I then swung the other way and tried to get away from my crazy superspiritial side. I got highly involved with the church. I thought the depths of spiritual maturity would be tied up in service to him. It wasn’t. I might as well have been working a secular job. It was full of stress and did nothing to increase my relationship with our creator. It was other parts of my life that increased wisdom from Him and my relationship with Him. Times of solitude, seeking His presence, independently studying topics of faith and the depths of worship revealed more to me than going to church or serving in a church. In fact, the cry of my heart became, “Please dear God, don’t make me sit through one more programmed service.”

In 2012 some of my friends and I started meeting at coffee shops or homes. Eventually, we named the group NW Ekklesia. Ekklesia is the Greek word for believers who come out of a call from God. What do we come to? Genuine relationships and fellowship. We find their identity and purpose. We learn to live from a Kingdom perspective which is an ascended position. (Do you know how to ascend? We’ll teach you.) We learn not to live by the logic. But out of Holy Spirit’s guidance. I could go on and on. and I will.

This brings us to the reason for this blog. We are going to touch on everything related to your growth and finding ekklesia for you. We’re going to talk about the supernatural, Christian mysticism, dreams and visions, and much more. You’re going to read about the pineal gland. New agers and eastern religions call it the third eye. We’ll talk about how God really meant it to be used. We’ll discuss radical healing through entering heaven and trading our problems for God’s gifts. We’ll also talk about sounds and frequencies in new forms of worship. Something that is near and dear to my heart is the current move of God. The age of the organized church is fully realized. Home fellowships (not house churches) are increasing at a rapid rate. If you go to our resource page, you will see some books about it.

I am concluding this post with a request to you. I want to hear from you. Let me know your experiences and questions. I want to help you grow. I will also add a disclaimer. I detest unsolicited advice. If you think I am a heretic, so be it. You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. If you don’t like what I am writing, it’s Okay. But, please don’t think arguing or telling me I am wrong will change anything. Just, save yourself and don’t read any further.

I think we are going to have a great year. I am up for the adventure God has for us. I pray that you are blessed by this blog.

See you soon,


16 thoughts on “There’s much to Learn and Discuss

  1. I am going to a Pentecostal church. I have been there for about 18 years. I became a Christian 5 years previously. I went to another penticostal church in that period. I became hungrier for more of God and just happened on this path one year ago. I do have some open visions and some visitations from an angel. This was happening before i started this path. I have been involved in a ministry giving food parcels to the needy, praying for them and leading them to Jesus for the past 16 years.

  2. Shalom beloved sister Anna?
    I have been listening to Ian, Justin, and Gustav Le Roux. I agree with what they’re teaching. The Holy Spirit has opened my spiritual eyes a couple of times. I’m practicing, but, don’t seem to be getting very far. I have limited income. Hesitant to pay $15 for 10 months. Any house ‘church’ I can attend? I live at N 26th and Pearl in Tacoma. I work 6 nights a week 8pm-12 M-Sat as an Evening Custodian. Thx

    1. Bonnie,
      We are in University Place. We are actually pretty close to you. We meet in person the pretty much always the third Saturday of every month. We start at 2:00 in the afternoon and start fellowship. Then potluck at about 5:00 p.m. After that, we get into the deep things of God. It ends by 8:00. We are also talking about starting a new online group. It will be free.

      🙂 Anna

  3. Hello! Nice to hear from you. I guess I just missed your gathering this month. I will mark my calendar for February 16 @2pm. Please send me the address and what food to bring.
    I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me 🙂
    Matthew 10:26-Therefore do not fear them.(!) For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Hallelujah 🙂
    Eternally, Bonnie

    1. I will send you an email. And oops, it’s actually the 23rd this month. We moved it back because of Valentines weekend.

  4. I am an active member of the Engaging God stuff Mike Parsons has. I am working thru all the modules and even participated in my 1st “hangout” w Mike Parsons!. My question is if there is a way to figure out where ppl are physically located and if there are grps of ppl near my location meeting on any kind of a basis? Maybe that is not something rhis website facilitates, and if that is so, plz accept my apology for asking.

    1. Lisa,

      We do not know of many groups. However, the number is growing. We recommend starting your own. We will be glad to help you. Another option would be to contact the author of Unchurching Christianity. His name is Richard Jacobson. He seems to have many connections.


  5. Greetings in Jesus. From Port Elizabeth. South Africa. Been listening to Justin, Ian Clayton and so happppy I found them n u. Praise God. Four years younger than u!!! Ive had many experiences but not at will, where I was taken to Florida or NewYork or to Britain on trips. But I would love to know steps to ascend at will. Please? Also been to heaven several times but not at will. Nobody here has had such experiences. But Ive been very very ill this year, nearly died twice and confessing and praying the word. My foot is still dead. We dont know why. I want to get off all medications and be totally healed. So would love to hear from you on this. Thanking you. We also need dire breakthrough financially. Im married to Mike. We need miracles. Blessings to you. Praise God.

    1. Fiona,

      Nice to meet you. I think I need to write a blog about this. What is happening to you is good. First, we have involuntary (not at will) experiences. Second, we practice. I suggest you think about God’s love and in your imagination, visit the places you have been before. The key is that it is all tied up in God’s love. Then pretty soon, you will realize that you can just do it. I have been practicing time travel this way and I am getting better and better at it.

      As to your health. Be encouraged. I declare wisdom and God’s light all over you and your husband. God is going to give you the keys of revelation to walk out of the maze of poor health. It’s holding you back from your destiny. You are called to be an overcomer.


  6. Anna, thank you for renewing the blog. I hope your husband is in the excellent health that’s certainly intended to be his in Yahweh!

    I love your list of what the blog and NWEkklesia are intended to accomplish: training and teaching and fellowship/ekklesia. I want it ALL!!! I live between my daughter’s house in Sammamish, my son’s in Bothell, and housesitting here and there, if anyone’s close by and wants to get together. I attend (loosely) Seattle Revival Center (SRC) n Newcastle. Love Ian, Justin, Mike, Sam/Grant and likeminded people. Will be second-year on The Nest this coming year. Had a fantastic time with SRC’s School of Supernatural Ministry the year they had it… that’s when the mystical really-real stuff came alive for me. Or rather, reopened for me. I experienced it all my life, on and off, up and down.

    Grew up catholic. Was saved when I found one of those “where are you going when you die?” pamphlets. Thank God for no internet or 24/hour tv, cuz I started reading “Prayers to the Holy Spirit” and Lives of the Saints. Never knew I could experience what those saints did, but now I know I can! Radical baptism of Holy Spirit around age 12. Threw out the Catholic Church when I started college, which left me ungrounded. Wandered far away from the straight and narrow but always held Jesus in my heart. Am forever thankful that all the enemy stole from me will be restored—sevenfold!

    Going through a divorce for about 2-1/2 years now. What a trial and what a journey. Need to rise above that and operate from heaven’s realms more than I have been!! Get rid of the junk stuff!!

    Am involved in Ensenada Christian Ministries (in Mexico) and Healing Rooms of Issaquah, if that strikes an interest in anyone.

    I hope you wanted this type of rundown, Anna, and that I haven’t been overstepping. I really liked reading your story and Dell’s and the touches others have added of their lives. Real people. Real life. I love it! Moving together into that full manifestation of the Sons of God that all of creation is waiting for!!!


    1. Sandra,

      Be encouraged! We are helping birth a fellowship like ours in Everette. When you are in Bothell, it will only be 17 miles for you. I am also seriously praying about starting a Sunday morning fellowship online. I am in two online groups now and it works really well.


  7. Anna- Thank you for the encouraging words. I’ll be praying into the Everett and online groups, too! And look forward to meeting people at the third Saturdays and 2019 Gathering. Someone mentioned “hangouts” with Mike. What is that?
    Blessings, Sandra

  8. Thank u Anna. Appreciate ur reply. Grateful thanx. Yes, Im believing for total health as have been very healthy ALL MY LIFE. Neva even habing a Dr. So this was a shock n healthcare very very poor here if no medical assistance. But Im so much better now. We went through loads of trauma losing home, when husbands property deals aborted and downhill from there. But our Yahweh has sustained us miraculously. Once we have own home and accomodation again, would love to have a group. So glad I found you. Love to learn more. Love in Yahshuah.

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