There’s much to Learn and Discuss

There’s much to Learn and Discuss

Pardon me I haven’t visited with you and ever so long. I saw how many people had subscribed to our blog post and I felt remorseful for neglecting you. It’s been over a year since we visited. Last year was a very challenging year. My husband was critically ill. He had heart problems and was in the hospital seven times. He almost died on a few of those occasions. In fact, we thought he only had about a year to live. But you know our God. He is in the miracle business. In October, the doctors called us in for an office visit and told us that his health was much improved. His medical tests are increasingly improved with each test. I think I may have him around for another 10 or 15 years.

Now that the reason for your neglect has been discussed, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and why we have this blog. The reason I say “we” is because there will be several contributors to the blog. I am the main contributor. However, you know that this is the NW Ekklesia website. One of our beliefs is that every member is responsible for his or her own spiritual growth. We encourage those in our fellowship to share their wisdom and revelation. We’ll be posting some of those musings here from time to time.

Anna Wingate

I am almost 64. I grew up in church. I learned all the basic stuff that you may know. Jesus is my savior.  He died for my sins. I believe in confession and repentance. I have been water baptized and the baptized of the Holy Spirit. I speak in tongues. Need I continue? I have served on staff at four churches. I am an ordained minister. As I said, I have done all the basic stuff.  Except, my family will tell you that from birth I was different than them. Before the age of ten, I would have spells of quietude. I would sit quietly and sense God’s presence. My mother worried about me and asked if I was OK. I would tell her yes and that I sensed God or Angels or something. I just wanted to be quiet with them or him. I would tell her when people died. I couldn’t feel their presence here on earth anymore. I knew when women were carrying male or female babies in their wombs. I started having visions in my twenties. I got in trouble and almost got kicked out of my church over that. It was too much for them.

I then swung the other way and tried to get away from my crazy superspiritial side. I got highly involved with the church. I thought the depths of spiritual maturity would be tied up in service to him. It wasn’t. I might as well have been working a secular job. It was full of stress and did nothing to increase my relationship with our creator. It was other parts of my life that increased wisdom from Him and my relationship with Him. Times of solitude, seeking His presence, independently studying topics of faith and the depths of worship revealed more to me than going to church or serving in a church. In fact, the cry of my heart became, “Please dear God, don’t make me sit through one more programmed service.”

In 2012 some of my friends and I started meeting at coffee shops or homes. Eventually, we named the group NW Ekklesia. Ekklesia is the Greek word for believers who come out of a call from God. What do we come to? Genuine relationships and fellowship. We find their identity and purpose. We learn to live from a Kingdom perspective which is an ascended position. (Do you know how to ascend? We’ll teach you.) We learn not to live by the logic. But out of Holy Spirit’s guidance. I could go on and on. and I will.

This brings us to the reason for this blog. We are going to touch on everything related to your growth and finding ekklesia for you. We’re going to talk about the supernatural, Christian mysticism, dreams and visions, and much more. You’re going to read about the pineal gland. New agers and eastern religions call it the third eye. We’ll talk about how God really meant it to be used. We’ll discuss radical healing through entering heaven and trading our problems for God’s gifts. We’ll also talk about sounds and frequencies in new forms of worship. Something that is near and dear to my heart is the current move of God. The age of the organized church is fully realized. Home fellowships (not house churches) are increasing at a rapid rate. If you go to our resource page, you will see some books about it.

I am concluding this post with a request to you. I want to hear from you. Let me know your experiences and questions. I want to help you grow. I will also add a disclaimer. I detest unsolicited advice. If you think I am a heretic, so be it. You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. If you don’t like what I am writing, it’s Okay. But, please don’t think arguing or telling me I am wrong will change anything. Just, save yourself and don’t read any further.

I think we are going to have a great year. I am up for the adventure God has for us. I pray that you are blessed by this blog.

See you soon,