A Call to Supernatural Warfare

A Call to Supernatural Warfare

In my teenage years, I attended a strict fundamentalist church. I read a lot of material that was considered taboo by them.  Just because it isn’t included in the Bible doesn’t mean it’s evil. The book of Jubilee is a great one. It’s the Hebrew oral traditions and stories put in writing. The Book of Giants is one that will cause you to pause and think also. But, my favorite is the book of Enoch. In it, he gives a prophecy of ten weeks. The first seven weeks have manifested. Therefore, I have chosen to give the rest of the prophecy some credit.


We are now considered to be in week eight. It reads as follows:

WEEK 8 A sword (91.1213) New house, new heaven & earth future time. The 91.12-13 is where you will find the prophecy in the book of Enoch. The title for the week is “A Sword.” What will happen is a new house, new heaven and the future time of the earth.


In early summer of this year, 2017, Michael Danforth said that the time of visitation is over and the season of habitation has come. It rang true in my spirit. But then, like most revelation, I had to wait for the revealing. I started seeing the difference between the two. What happens during a visitation? You are the company at someone’s home or you are on holiday somewhere. The care and maintenance of the places you visit aren’t your responsibility. When you inhabit that changes. Basically, you need to make sure your home is in good repair and hospitable for visitors. It’s also your responsibility to do upkeep on the landscape and ensure no predators are trespassing on our land. Instead of a party, it becomes work.


Dean Briggs, in the book Ekklesia Rising, says, “Possession is nine-tenths of the law.” is more than a proverb, it is a spiritual truism. We must not allow the enemy to possess our land by default. Briggs says:


“In the final apocalyptic closing of the age, when evil is entirely called to account and meted the justice it is due, God’s retribution among the nations will be swift and shockingly complete. Yet both now and then, our weapons are the blood of the lamb (not the spilling of blood), combined with confession even to the point of martyrdom.  Once more, Lord Sabaoth will stride forth, no longer a babe, nor a crucified Messiah, but with armies from heaven and roaring lambs on earth, to rescue those this world had crushed.”



We are called to strategically participate with the host of Heaven. God’s mighty army is waiting for us. A story will help. September 9, 2017. Hurricane Irma was preparing to roar up the east coast of the United States. We had already seen it hit the Caribbean. The storm devastated the island of St. Martin. We were told it would take months to rebuild. That day, I was on video chat with my friend Paulette from Anchorage Alaska. She told me that she had seen a wall built in the spirit. It ran from Florida to New York. Angels were leaning into it with their shoulders and holding it up. Paulette told me that God said to stand on the wall and pray. She said that people were to minister peace to the storm and love to mankind. Her description rang true in my spirit. I asked if I could post this information on Facebook. She said yes. People across the U.S. and up and down the east coast responded. Many people told me that they had seen the same thing. One person had drawn a sketch of it. People across the USA were having that vision on Thursday and Friday and praying. I got up Saturday morning and the storm was downgraded to a 4 from a 5. On Sunday it was considered just a tropical storm.



Mike Parsons says that he has seen the Chancellor’s houses in Heaven. One of them is a house of weapons. There’s an arsenal of love bomb, joy grenades, and peace bazookas.


Why did people standing on a wall in the spirit praying work so well? Because Dean is correct. “Possession is nine-tenths of the law.”  It’s our land. Genesis 1:26 says that “He has given us authority over all the earth.” We used God’s weapons from the Chancellor’s house, love, and peace because we have the authority to do so.


Personally, that was a lot more fun and effective, than “I come against you in the name of Jesus.” (I used to do a lot of that at one time.) Standing and praying over the storm was real intercession. I am kind of jazzed to see how God has us do it again.


This form of supernatural warfare leaves us feeling whole and at peace. The testimony from it gives us hope. To effectively dismantle the enemy through love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control is so much fun.