Who is NW Ekklesia?

Ekklesia Functions

When God looks at us, he recognizes one position. He sees His sons. When we look through our elders and back to God, we should see one position. Parents! Ekklesia first and foremost functions as family. Our brothers and sisters are held together by a bond of affection. Many times, that care for one another is stronger than the relationships we have with our biological family.

We are kingdom people. We live ascended lives.

We are passionately in love with God and each other!

Our History

2009 — Healing team training started through Healing Rooms of Spokane.
2012 — Fellowship began at Anna Wingate’s house in Seattle.
2013 — Anna Wingate met Mike Parsons and began a mentoring relationship that continues today.
2014 — Worship transitioned to drum circles and seeing in the spirit.
2015 — Mike Parsons visited NW Ekklesia  headlined the Deep Call to Deep conference  — our most popular YouTube playlist. From that conference, benches and councils were formed.
2016 — Del Hungerford joined us and expanded our unique form of worship
2017 — NW Ekklesia started teaching courses and mentoring with other Ekklesiae. It was a time of greater understanding of ascensions, worship, and this new move of God.
2018 — This is the year God said to us, “Do it yourself.” We stopped deferring to others, realizing that we had within our own Ekklesia a rich culture and identity. We stepped into the clarity of who we are.
2019 — NW Ekklesia began walking in the fullness of our identity.
2021 — Growth and expansion continues as we interact with Ekklesiae around the world

Our Government

We use the model of benches and councils. A governmental bench of three directs NW Ekklesia along with our council of seven. If you do not understand these concepts, ask us. We’re happy to explain. You’ll find the bios of the current council below.

Anna Wingate
Anna was born with the lights and sirens on. Her name means “grace.” She is one of those people in which the things of the spirit came naturally. She committed her life to Christ when she was nine years old.

Anna is a founding member of NW Ekklesia. She travels, teaches, and speaks around the world. But, most of all, her heart’s desire is to help heal and mentor individuals, and groups to be just like Father God. Anna has served individuals, her Ekklesia, and others primarily full time since 2011.

Del Hungerford
Del is a musician, author, teacher, and business owner. She owns the recording label, Healing Frequencies Music. Her spontaneous instrumental music is intended to enhance cognitive function, heal the emotions, awaken intuition, and engage our senses. Her presentation style invites students, listeners, and readers to engage in the learning process through active participation. Her recent writings focus on developing deeper intimacy with Yahweh through stepping into the heavenly realms as standard protocol for Christian living. Go here for Del’s music.

Mike Farley
Mike was a New Ager when he first encountered Jesus. A friend went to a Power and Love convention, and came back with the radical idea that God wants to heal everyone, every time. This fueled a hunger in him for anything that had to do with God’s healing power. After watching videos of David Hogan, Dutch Sheets and others, Mike began doing courtroom work almost full time. From Isaiah 22:22, the Lord taught him a new understanding of spiritual warfare. After attending The Gathering in 2017, he’s become actively involved in NW Ekklesia.

Paulette Rahm
Paulette has been part of church leadership for over 25 years, pressing the envelope in every way, rocking the boat to bring Kingdom truths through relationship with God. She is a widow, mother of two children and has four grandchildren. She was saved at five, educated by God, trusted friends and church leaders. She is part of NW Ekklesia helping to bring heaven to earth through wholeness, governance, and mentoring. Her life’s goal is found in Eph. 3:14-21 .BOOM!

Sue Beckman
As a Performing Arts major in theater, Sue was the Producing Artistic Director for her own community theater group in Seattle. She uses her creativeness in her teaching and mentoring. She’s been married to Jim for 36 years, has a foster daughter who is married, and is a grandmother. She love’s helping others grow into their identity as sons in the Kingdom.