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Ekklesia Functions

When God looks at us, he recognizes one position. He sees His sons. When we look through our elders and back to God, we should see one position. Parents! Ekklesia first and foremost functions as family. Our brothers and sisters are held together by a bond of affection. Many times, that care for one another is stronger than the relationships we have with our biological family.
Triangle of Healing

Healing Sessions

with Anna Wingate

As a integrative health practitioner the desire of Anna’s heart is to see people healed and whole. She is trained in multiple modalities and looks for the best practices to help you. She has fourteen years experience. Most of the time she has a full schedule of clients.  

She primarily works from her home and meets most people online through video calls.

When: Set to your schedule
Fee range: $100/hour or $300 for 4 sessions

Anna Wingate

Priest River

Mentoring Sessions

with Del Hungerford

Would you like help with heavenly court sessions, learn how to function from your heart garden, or desire general assistance on your kingdom journey? Del offers mentoring sessions where topics and discussions vary upon your needs. She is a specialist at helping you find a pathway of practice that works for you. Practice of kingdom principles brings you into a deeper relationship with The Trinity. Practice takes patience and perseverance. If this is what you need, Del can help you! Connect with Del for individual or group mentoring/coaching. 

Who can sign up? Anyone who wants help with practicing kingdom protocol.
When? TBA via Zoom
Fee: $75 per hour (personal)
or $50 per hour (2 or more in a group)

Del Hungerford


Mentoring Sessions

with Sue Beckman

Interested in learning more about your sonship and identity in Christ? Exploring who you are, you also learn how to function in the kingdom. As you grow in sonship, you entrain with the scroll of your life; this positions you for functioning in an ekklesia. If hindrances prohibit you from going further in your relationship with The Trinity, together we explore how to resolve blockages so you can move forward. This may involve going to the heavenly courts, checking gates, your mountain, or even seeing if there are generational trades. Sue offers mentoring sessions where topics and discussions vary upon your needs. Connect with Sue for individual or group mentoring/coaching.

Who can sign up? Anyone wanting to jump into the deep!
When? TBA via Zoom
Fee: $75 per hour (personal) or $50 per hour (2 or more in a group)

Sue Beckman

Rock climber

Group or Personal Mentoring

with Paulette Rahn

Do you want to learn how to work with God, as He pulls the best out of you? Partner with Paulette  as you walk with sessions of discovery through ascensions, prayer, wisdom, teaching, and healing. As you grow in a greater relationship with God and others, you will step into greater:

  • Authority
  • Identity
  • Mandates
  • Assignments
  • Love/Glory, Spirit, Soul, and Body Gates

Group Mentoring: $20 a month (10 per group)
When: Twice a month, days TBD (6 months)
Personal: $55 a month
When:  Twice a month

Paulette Rahn


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