In 2010, we were happy just being a healing room in Pierce County Washington. Little did we know what God had in store for us. Our story goes like this… We used the back rooms of a coffee shop for the healing rooms. They were open every Monday night. One evening we appeared and the shop was closed. Surprise! They had sold the business and didn’t let us know.  We immediately started searching for new digs.  Nothing happened! Three or four times we negotiated a lease and the landlords backed out at the end. The concept of healing rooms just seemed a little too weird for most people.

Well, we thought, let’s at least get together every week and keep learning more about healing while we search. So, we met every Monday at Anna Wingate’s house. As God gave us wisdom and revelation we started practicing healing techniques on each other. We had unexpected results.  Several people were amazingly healed. We learned to see in the spirit more clearly. We learned to “ascend.” Our numbers grew. We moved the meetings to the weekends because our little band of volunteers now was a group of thirty fellowshipping and learning together. Funny thing, we never did find a place to rent.

In 2013, Anna met Mike Parsons. She had the opportunity to meet with him weekly back then. Because of her time with Mike, she shared about kingdom government. Topics included benches and councils, the courts, the tree of life, engaging the supernatural, visiting heaven and more.

We noticed in 2014 that our worship was changing. There were fewer songs and choruses. But, more drums, frequencies, and singing in the spirit.   Our introduction into this new style of spontaneous worship usually involved a variety of traditional and non-traditional instruments. Holy Spirit has led us to a  unique “NW Ekklesia” form of worship and we see it spreading to other groups.

Here’s a nutshell of what we’re about:

  1. “Ekklesia” not church, became our passion. We help and mentor other tribes all over the world.
  2. We learned to train not to teach. When you come to one or our events, you will go home with “experience” in whatever we share. Instead of just hearing about a subject, you will have the opportunity to participate.
  3. Sound, frequency, and worship take on new importance in all that we do. We don’t necessarily sing songs. Worship is more than simply singing songs. It starts in your spirit and pours out of you.
  4. We do ascend and enter into the Kingdom of God to help you grow in your intimacy with God. II Cor. 13:14 says it well, “May the grace of Jesus the anointed, the Love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” Most people who come to our events experience the glory of God in ways they never have before.
  5. We found the teachings of Justin Abraham, Ian Clayton, and Mike Parsons, Dr. O, and others. We learned that the Kingdom of God truly is amongst us. We go through the veil for our personal health and growth. We also do it in groups for kingdom government purposes. Through our mentoring sessions, we will be glad to teach you and take you into the realms of God’s Kingdom.
  6. Our Mentoring Sessions are to assist you on your own journey of kingdom living. The sessions are offered over nine months from September – May for minimal fees. What’s unique about our mentoring sessions? Everyone participates in “real” time where we can hold conversations and see each other. We do this through Zoom video conferencing. There’s really nothing else out there quite like our mentoring sessions!


In the old testament, the people of God were a faith, a nation, and a culture. That’s us! We no longer see the Body of Christ segregated by building walls. We don’t even think to ask “What church do you go to?”  Because of that concept, we see that the Kingdom of God is manifesting in new ways. It’s not about what church you go to. It is about YOU! If you want to marinate in His love and grace, If you want to manifest His glory to your loved ones and neighbors, join us. We will do you good.

Two of our favorite sayings are:

We are kingdom people. We live ascended lives.


We are passionately in love with God and each other!


We are a family, tribe, and move of God.


We use the kingdom model of benches and counsels. A governmental bench of three directs NW Ekklesia along with our council of seven.  If you do not understand these concepts, ask us. We are happy to explain. You can also learn more by searching out the teachings of Mike Parsons about this type of government, at www.freedomarc.org. The current bench for NW Ekklesia is Anna Wingate, Del Hungerford, and Lew Curtiss. You can read our bio’s below.

Anna Wingate

Anna’s story is a little bit like Hannah and Samuel. Her Mom was an older woman who prayed and prayed for a child. She promised God that if she could conceive, she would raise that child in the Lord’s ways. At age 43, her mom gave birth to Anna. Her name means grace and that has manifested through most of the ministry she had been involved with. Anna has done all the things normally associated with serving God. She’s been involved either part time or full time since she was a teenager. She worked with youth as a chaplain in a juvenile detention center. She served as a staff pastor at two churches and ran a nonprofit ministry for fifteen years. She has been ordained. She’s one of the original members of the NW Ekklesia and her old ways of doing ministry now seem like nothing compared to these past few years of intimacy with the Lord and living her life through the veil.

Ekklesia is Anna’s passion. She believes most people do not understand or partially understand what ekklesia is about. She moderates a YouTube channel called Ekklesia and she is an active blogger on this website.  Anna also travels to help support and mentor other growing ekklesiae.


Del Hungerford

Del Hungerford is a professional classical musician, recording artist, teacher, and writer. Her desire is to bring people to a place of healing – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. After much research into how frequency affects the body, soul, and spirit, Del began recording spontaneous worship music (including EMDR/bilateral music) through her recording label “Healing Frequencies Music,” with the understanding and intent that the music be therapeutic. Many rabbit trails later, Del adds more to the mix on the spiritual side as a “spiritual travel agent” where she assists people, through her Supernatural Lessons materials, in learning how to walk in more intimacy with our Heavenly Father. Del is ordained through NW Ekklesia.

Del’s music: Healing Frequencies Music

Del’s kingdom minded lessons: Supernatural Lessons




Lew Curtiss

Lew Curtiss is a self-taught visual artist working in collage/mixed-media. He comes from a design & production background in theatre, filmmaking, and photography. His visual arts practice is entirely faith-driven. That is, all of the paintings and writing he does is born out of his deep relationship with Father God.

He has identified with and participates in the community of NW Ekklesia for the last four years. At Father God’s encouragement, he became a member of the governmental bench in 2017. He is also involved in many on-going activities of Northwest Ekklesia and participates as a drummer in the drum circle worship of Creation Sound. Lew manifests an apostolic nature. He desires to see transformation both regionally and relationally presenting the Kingdom of God to all. Lew is ordained through NW Ekklesia.

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