Positive Results Through Language


Wash away negative thoughts and replace them with well fertilized thoughts, intents, and desires directly from the heart of Father meant just for you!

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Positive Results Through Language: Changing Thoughts and Words

In this meditation, Del asks you to find another special place with God – a place where you can meet with him on a regular basis. Consider this intimate place to be in the garden of your heart. I give the example of sitting with Him on a park bench in my heart garden. Then, from that place focus on releasing any negative thoughts, attitudes, and words. In place of those, receive the opposite and begin declaring that over yourself. This exercise is all about allowing negative thoughts to be washed away as they are replaced with well fertilized thoughts, intents, and desires that are directly from the heart of Father just for you!

There are two versions for you to listen to:

  • The first is the music with the instructions. Grab a journal to write down prompts to help you along your own journey.
  • The second song is the background music from the guided meditation. There are places in the music where you’re instructed to use as anchors (triggers) for when you do the exercise on your own.

It’s suggested that you do the exercise daily until you feel there are changes. It also helps to form new habits that bring you into greater intimacy with Yahweh. The key point is to enjoy the journey and take as long as you need! 

For more resources, consider purchasing the book “Accessing the Kingdom Realms” by Del Hungerford from Amazon. Ian Clayton’s teaching “Thoughts and Intents” will also help. His website is: www.sonofthunder.org


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