Frequency Basics

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This is more of a course rather than a mentoring session. No, there’s no homework but it’s a teaching format with practical practice and research tips at the end of each session. Participants watch pre-recorded videos that include practice exercises. On the first Thursday of each month, there’s a live Q&A session that also involves practical application. This course offers plenty of information to get you on your journey into understanding “all things frequency” as it relates to Kingdom living. For those who want more in-depth “training,” there’s another course (that involves homework) where participants learn about worshiping as a lifestyle in the kingdom realms.

Frequency Basic topics include:

  • Frequency in music, art, color, movement, “matter,” thoughts, intents, actions, and more.
  • How frequency affects everything in our world – both positive and negative.
  • How to change the frequency of what’s around us so we can “override” the negative influences.
  • Bringing YHVH into everything we do as Kingdom people in learning how to work with what’s in nature in regards to frequency as it relates to Kingdom living.
  • It’s all about the “come up here” (Rev. 4:1) principle where we learn to live from heaven to earth and use frequency to function as Sons of God from our positions of authority in Christ.


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