Dr. Ogbonnaya 2018 “The Gathering” Teachings

Eight teachings from the 2018 Gathering conference with Dr. Ogbonnaya and a bonus teaching on frequencies by Del Hungerford. Del’s teaching includes PDF of Power Point presentation.

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MP3 teachings from “The Gathering” conference – 2018


PLEASE NOTE: Some of the audios are not the best quality. We apologize for this difficulty. However, it’s very possible to hear and understand. But, it may take a few extra listens to get it all. Thank you for your understanding.


Dr. Ogbonnaya teaches on the importance of the body, our role from the beginning of time and how we fit into the model of creation. It’s power packed and full of amazing nuggets! Dr. Ogbonnaya is a Hebrew scholar and presents much of his information from this perspective. Be prepared for mind blowing teachings that help you understand your true identity in Christ.

For more of Dr. O’s teachings, visit his website: https://www.aactev8.com/


Dr. Del Hungerford presents a session titled “It’s All About Frequency” where she discusses the connection between chromotherapy, sound, cymatics, water memory, sound essences, healing protocols, and how the ancients used sound/energy as part of their daily lives to “get the job done.” Included with the teaching is the PDF of her Power Point presentation.

For more of Del Hungerford’s materials, visit her websites:


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