Mentoring Sessions

The number of people interested in living in the Kingdom of Heaven and operating out of their identity and purpose is growing every day. We, at NW Ekklesia sense your heart’s desire to grow in intimacy with God. We offer the following mentoring sessions to help you grow and function in wholeness as sons of God.

Mentoring session fees are: $18 per month for twelve months

      • WHERE: Zoom meetings online. Live sessions are all on Zoom. You must have a Zoom account; it’s free and very private. Click Zoom to sign up. It’s easiest to download the app to your computer, tablet or phone.  You’ll need to connect with your mentor by inviting them as a contact so you can join the group chat in Zoom. Instructions on how to do that will be provided once you register.
      • WHEN: All mentoring sessions meet three times per month according to the schedule below. Some are live and others are recorded.
      • HOW TO REGISTER: There’s a link in each mentoring session that takes you to the NW Ekklesia “Shop” page. From there, enroll for the mentoring session(s). If times don’t conflict, you may register for more than one session.

Mentoring and Class Schedule:

We are  moving to a yearly format with breaks between sessions. There are three, three-month sessions. Some classes/mentoring groups may have individual practice and homework to do over the months off. Participants pay $18 for each class/mentoring group through PayPal in twelve installments. All mentoring groups and classes begin in September of each year. Participants may begin signing up in August. The yearly schedule is as follows:

  • Fall: September – November with December off
  • Spring: January – March with April off
  • Summer: May – July with August off


Course/Mentoring Offerings…


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Frequency Basics 

This is more of a course rather than a mentoring session. No, there’s no homework but it’s a teaching format with practical practice and research tips at the end of each session. Participants watch pre-recorded videos that include practice exercises. On the first Thursday of each month, you will meet with Del Hungerford for a live Q&A session that also involves practical application. Del is a forerunner and leading expert in this field. This course offers plenty of information to get you on your journey into understanding “all things frequency” as it relates to Kingdom living. For those who want more in-depth “training,” there’s another course (that involves homework) where participants learn about worshiping as a lifestyle in the kingdom realms.

Frequency Basic topics include:

  • Frequency in music, art, color, movement, “matter,” thoughts, intents, actions, and more.
  • How frequency affects everything in our world – both positive and negative.
  • How to change the frequency of what’s around us so we can “override” the negative influences.
  • Bringing YHVH into everything we do as Kingdom people in learning how to work with what’s in nature in regards to frequency as it relates to Kingdom living.
  • It’s all about the “come up here” (Rev. 4:1) principle where we learn to live from heaven to earth and use frequency to function as Sons of God from our positions of authority in Christ.


  • MENTOR: Del Hungerford
  • WHEN: Live session is the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. (PST)
  • PAYMENT: $18 per month (12 months)
  • REGISTER: CLICK HERE to register


Emerging Ekklesia 

These sessions are for people who want to understand the fullness of their intimacy and maturity with God. The vehicle t bring about this fullness is a fellowship format called ekklesia. In these sessions, learn all that it offers. In addition, learn how to start ekklesiae in their own areas. It also provides tools for leadership and spiritual maturity. Topics include supernatural lifestyles, living an ascended life, operating in kingdom government, sons of God manifest creativity, mentoring others, and the current global move of God.


  • MENTORS: Anna Wingate and Lew Curtiss You can contact Anna at
  • WHEN: Three Thursdays per month at 7:00 PM (PST) via Zoom.
  • PAYMENT: $18 per month for 12 months
  • REGISTER: CLICK HERE to register



Mountains, Gates, and Trading Floors

Have you heard these buzz words? Are you asking: What is Trading? What are Gates? What are Mountains? Why are they so important? Because through them we find healing, identity, and function. Learn about and engage with them at every level of your life. At course completion, you will have a new and healthy understanding of who you are and what your function is in the presence of God. Mountains, gates, and trading floors start off in the fall. The spring is dedicated to transformation. In the sessions, we go through roots of where things come into our lives, whether good or bad and how our choices affect us. In the process, we discover new relationships with the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit as we apply what we gave learned and discussed with Mountains, Gates & Trading. Participants can join through the end of September. NOTE: Some of the sessions may be recorded so not all sessions may be live.

  • MENTOR: Sue Beckman
  • WHEN: Three Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. (PST)
  • PAYMENT: $18 per month (12 months)


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Healing Sessions

Healing sessions are done individually with Laura Van Den Handel. Fees are $55 per session and are scheduled directly with Laura.

Laura offers healing sessions to help people as they “journey into Sonship.” Along the way, we often encounter life situations (or past issues that keep us from moving forward) where we need a little extra help. Laura facilitates these sessions through the “come up here” principle where everything is done through kingdom protocol so the work is more effective.

The fees are PER SESSION. For more questions on this session, use the “Contact Us” page. Your message will be forwarded to Laura so she can respond directly to you. SIGN UP HERE.