Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions

“If we were completely healed and whole, we would be just like Jesus.”  – Steve Harmon

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:48. The word, perfect, in this scripture means mature. Maturity is a life long journey that we must pay attention to and work on from time to time. The first step is removing pain, whether emotional or physical, and trauma form our lives. The second step is to find out who we are in Christ and what our purpose is. We call the removal of pain healing sessions. Then, wholeness sessions help fulfill the acknowledgment of our identity and purpose.

Each mentor listed on this page has their own specialties and session technique. We encourage you to peruse each persons bio and contact them before you schedule a session. You can contact each person by clicking on their names.

The basic fee is $55 a session after your initial interview. There also may be a variety of session and payment options listed for each individual mentor.


Prior to your first session, you’ll need a FREE Zoom account. You’ll be provided with further instructions once a session is scheduled.

Anna Wingate

Anna started working in what used to be called inner healing in 2010. Since then she has been trained in more protocols and healing principles than she can remember. Her focus is healing from the inside out. Many times when we deal with the issues of the spirit and soul, the body becomes healthy and whole. Anna has also found that this approach shortens the length of time that a person needs to attend sessions. She also has experience and training for persons with DID and SRA issues. Contact Anna by clicking on her name.

  • Individual Sessions  $55 per session – CLICK HERE
  • FOUR Sessions for $200 – CLICK HERE
  • Subscription, recurring payment of $80 per month for two sessions a month. (TBA)
  • Healing Small Group (Ten people or less.) Recurring payment of $50 per month. Meets twice a month. (TBA)
  • Wholeness Small Group (Ten people or less.) Recurring payment of $50 per month. Meets twice a month. (TBA)


Laura Van Den Handel

Laura offers healing sessions to help people as they “journey into Sonship.” Laura is well-versed in assisting those in their healing journey by walking alongside you through “kingdom first” protocol. Along the way, we often encounter life situations (or past issues that keep us from moving forward) where we need a little extra help. Laura facilitates these sessions through the “come up here” principle where everything is done through kingdom protocol so the work is more effective.

Click on Laura’s name to email her directly before you set up a session.

  • Individual sessions with Laura for $55 each – CLICK HERE
  • FOUR sessions with Laura for $200 – CLICK HERE


Paulette Rahm

Information coming soon

  • Individual sessions with Paulette for $55 each – CLICK HERE
  • FOUR sessions with Paulette for $200 – CLICK HERE