A Call to Supernatural Warfare

In my teenage years, I attended a strict fundamentalist church. I read a lot of material that was considered taboo by them.  Just because it isn’t included in the Bible doesn’t mean it’s evil. The book of Jubilee is a great one. It’s the Hebrew oral traditions and stories put

God told me to…….

  I am one of those Hanna kids. I have met a few in my life time. You know, children that the parents cried out to God to conceive. My mother was 43 years old and only had one child. She desperately wanted another. She repeatedly prayed. She told the

NW EKKLESIA – Renewing Ancient Paths

This is an explanation or definition, if you will, of what NW (Northwest) Ekklesia is. We are not a separatist group. Everyone is welcome. The true definition for Ekklesia is, “called out ones for the purposes of kingdom government.”  At this time, we recognize two kinds of kingdom government (there

Now Is The Time

As I sat there my whole being felt like it was vibrating. Something had been released, something new. After watching so much healing and unity take place from the stands of the LA Coliseum at the Azusa Now event on April 9th, 2016, Something was unlocked. It was as if

The Community I’ve Found

This post is from a man who identifies himself with NW Ekklesia. We are blessed to know what has transpired in his life. Lew Curtiss / 03.23.2016 I want to tell you about a Community of Faith that I’ve found. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that they found me. It’s

A Model Coming Out of the Pacific North West

This blog post is from a dear friend and someone we consider a part of NW Ekklesia. Yes! It’s a new template for worship, intercession, and intimacy with God that will go around the world. He doesn’t say it in the post, but, our leadership and his worship team have